European Journal of Chemistry 2018, 9(2), 107-114. doi:10.5155/eurjchem.9.2.107-114.1707

Adsorptive batch and column studies of Congo Red onto gulmohar leaf powder

Himanshu Patel (1,*) orcid

(1) Department of Applied Science and Humanities, Pacific School of Engineering, Surat-394305, Gujarat, India
(*) Corresponding Author

Received: 07 Apr 2018, Accepted: 09 May 2018, Published: 30 Jun 2018


The present manuscript describes the adsorptive batch and column treatment of synthetic Congo Red dye onto naturally prepared adsorbents viz. gulmohar leaf powder and activated gulmohar leaf powder using sulfuric acid. The surface characterizations of naturally prepared adsorbents were performed by various sophisticated analytical techniques. Effect of various process parameters like adsorbent dosage, temperature, initial concentration, and pH for batch study; and flow rate and bed height for column study are explored. All batch adsorption data are analyzed using Freundlich and Langmuir adsorption isotherm model. The Thomas, Yoon-Nelson, Adams and Bohart, and Bed Depth Service Time model are applied to predict the breakthrough curves and to determine the characteristic parameters of the column useful for process design. Activated gulmohar leaf powder is more feasible adsorbent compared to normal gulmohar leaf powder. Maximum adsorption capacity related to Adams and Bohart model; and Langmuir isotherm was found to be 919.4 mg/L; and 434.7 mg/g, respectively, for activated gulmohar leaf powder.


Isotherms; Congo Red dye; Batch treatment; Column treatment; Gulmohal leaf powder; Surface characterization

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DOI: 10.5155/eurjchem.9.2.107-114.1707

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Patel, H. Adsorptive batch and column studies of Congo Red onto gulmohar leaf powder. Eur. J. Chem. 2018, 9(2), 107-114. doi:10.5155/eurjchem.9.2.107-114.1707
Patel, H. (2018). Adsorptive batch and column studies of Congo Red onto gulmohar leaf powder. European Journal of Chemistry, 9(2), 107-114. doi:10.5155/eurjchem.9.2.107-114.1707
Patel, Himanshu. "Adsorptive batch and column studies of Congo Red onto gulmohar leaf powder." European Journal of Chemistry [Online], 9.2 (2018): 107-114. Web. 16 Sep. 2019
Patel, Himanshu. "Adsorptive batch and column studies of Congo Red onto gulmohar leaf powder" European Journal of Chemistry [Online], Volume 9 Number 2 (30 June 2018)

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