A simple, solvent and catalyst-free green synthetic protocol for α-amino phosphonates

Ramesh Katla, Narayana Murthy Sabbavarapu, Karnakar Konkala, Nageswar Yadavalli Venkata Durga


A simple and efficient method for the synthesis of α-amino phosphonates has been developed by using aromatic aldehydes, amines, and trimethyl/triethyl phosphite, under catalyst and solvent free conditions, with the formation of the product in good to excellent yields. This method involves milder reaction conditions, easy work-up, and cleaner reaction profiles, and may have wide spread application in organic synthesis.



Amines; Solvent-free; Neat condition; Aromatic aldehydes; Multi component reaction; Trimethyl/triethyl phosphite

European Journal of Chemistry, 3 (1), (2012), 119-124

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5155/eurjchem.3.1.119-124.449



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